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» Private individuals

There is no age to learn ... children, teens, adults, we have packages to suit all ages and needs. Do you prefer weekly courses or intensive training, do you need school reinforcement or test preparation?

Because languages are continually evolving they need to be spoken, our methods rely on games and interactive learning. Each session will be charged with memories. We will help you gain confidence and knowledge to enable you to succeed your personal goals; entrance exams, business trip, expatriation, cultural enrichment or simply the pleasure of learning something new!

Available languages: French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, English. Other languages on request.

Novelty, in 2015, Easy English 4 all can even better fit your needs and requirements with the one to one, online videoconference training. Your personal teacher will invite himself into your home (on-line), for a private lesson at your own pace and according to your time constraints.